Compatible Digital Roadguide to the Philippines
GPS on the Bicycle
GPS on the Road
GPS on the GO
We have two maps available from this site;  a standard map available to registered users and an advanced map available to data contributors only. The standard map will get you moving out and about and won’t let you get lost on your travels , geocaching or basic outdoor activities.
GPS on the Water
GPS on the Trail
GPS in the air
To register go to our forums, registration also ensures that you get notification of updates or changes we make to the map.
To get your hands on a more developed version of the map, you need to become a data contributor.
Contributors are the core resource of this project. These are the people who go out with GPS's and gather local GIS data (tracks and waypoints). They send this data to be compiled into the national map which benefits everyone using GPS or even those without. Without them the map project would stagnate.  There are still a lot of places to explore and improve, do it, be a part of our community,  contribute your data ,get a bigger and better map!
Dedicated to the free mapping community of the Philippines


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