1. Can I contribute to the map? How?
Yes, By all means, please do so. You can do it here.

2. I noticed some parts of the map are wrong, what to do?
This shouldn't happen, but if it did, see number 1.

3.Do you only have Garmin TM compatible maps?
As of now, yes. There are some distant future plans to adapt other formats as well, but that's just what they are, future plans.

4.Is This really for free?
Yes. But if you happen to meet us on the road, we won't refuse a free beer.... or two

5.How do I send the map to the GPS?
Either by mapsource, or if you don't have mapsource but a later model GPS, download the gmapsupp.exe file, run it and copy the unzipped file to the /garmin folder on your gps.
Older type gps : use mapsend, downloadable from
for more specifics see

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