Downloading a Garmin™ compatible gps map of the Philippines is possible at the forums.

Downloads are available here for registered users.

Downloads are available in Windows and Mac formats or as gmapsupp.img

Contributor Downloads (much better map) is available for ACTIVE contributors. See how to contribute  here

A demo map is available for download also.This is the contributors map but with small differences (no visual changes of streets, no "find" possibilities, not possible to send to a gps). This map only to be used as a reference for your contributions to see whether or not your contributions are in the map already.


The maps are compatible with garmin gps devices. Or those devices which are running (or capable of running) Garmin mobilext (runs on symbian, win mobile, win ce and blackberry platforms among others). You might have to buy a specific data card from Garmin to have your internal gps working with garmin mobilext though.


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