Example of data donated by Negros Oriental GIS Unit

Data Given by the Negros Oriental Gis Office 
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Why contribute?

Contributing your data will lead to the improvement of the map. Active data contributors (and only active contributors) get a more up to date and more detailed map (more roads / cities / better routing / ....). Contribute your data and receive an unlock code for your gps, the download part of the contributors map will be made available to you upon receipt and checking of your data. Usable waypoints or a couple of decent tracks would be a minimum to get the unlock code. the unlock code will be the same for every major version number of the map. (example unlock code for version 1.13 will be same for version 1.75). If you contribute a lot more than the minimum required contributions, we will grant you a lifelong upgrade code. See here for more specifics.

Unlike before where the map was always updated and freely downloadable for all, we have decided that from now on, we will no longer make upgrades available to all. We were forced to do this as too many people took advantage of our work in order to make a quick buck while selling hugely overpriced GPS's here.

 How and what can I contribute?

By uploading data that we can incorporate in the map. Check the forum for more specifics HERE

Any other way to get the contributor map?

No. However plying us with enough alcohol has been known to work in the past....

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