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    Pics 1 and 2 are the JEC Pension House, a couple blocks away from where I live. It was a small hotel that had only been open for a couple months. What you're looking at are the 2nd and 3rd floor. First floor is underneath. It's already undergone a lot of demolition. First pic was day after quake. Second pic was 02 March. The big earthquake (6.7) was 10 Feb. Reportedly, one person was killed when the building fell over - the manager of the hotel who was living on the 1st floor (not pictured).

    The 3rd pic was 24 March. I was driving on roads that I hadn't been on in a while when I rounded a corner and, ... oops! It looks like the owner was about a day and a half from hanging curtains. I can't see a lot of rebar in any of those columns. The road up and around that mountain in the background was buckled in several places. There were two places where half the road was covered from landslides and one place where one lane had fallen off a few feet. Not good to be driving on that road in the dark, for sure.

    The last pic I took walking back from the gulay market, which is right behind the subject of the picture. The 6.7 was real close (< 5 km) and we only got a primary shock wave where the earth moves away from the epicenter. Sort of like a rear-ender: a car in back knocks a car in front and the car in front moves from the impact. The house survived that. The biggest aftershock was a 5.9 on 05 March which had long secondary waves. Picture a flat pond that somebody drops a rock into and watch a leaf bob around with each passing ripple. The ripples are secondary waves. That's what dropped this house. We had 4 or 5 waves that felt like they were a meter in height.
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