after you have submitted your contribution send a pm to me with your gps id in the subject of the message.
please copy paste the link of your contribution (IF YOUR PM DOES NOT CONTAIN THE LINKS, WE MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO REPLY) so it can be checked

hope this is clear...

In order for your data to be considered as "upgrade worthy", it must be not yet in the map.
For the latest version, download the demo map. If your data is not there, it's good. If it is, your tracks better be of a better resolution.

hope this is even clearer

Revision January 2009

As i am a seaman and will go back on board in the near future, i will not be able to process any unlock codes.
Please send all your unlock requests to THE JUDGE who shall review and judge them and in due time revert with an unlock code if your data is "upgrade worthy".
Please bear in mind that this might up to 2 weeks in a worst case scenario. Hopefully all request should be handled and taken care of within a week. Hope you all understand.

So in short: please do not pm me anymore for unlock codes as I wont be here to receive and process them. thanks for understanding